Tech Support Tuesdays – Windows 10 Upgrade: The Manual Method Part 2

Continuing our How-To on performing a manual upgrade to Windows 10, we’re going to finish up with the upgrade process.

If you’re thinking about going this route please read our previous post, Windows 10: The Manual Method Part 1, before you start this part of the upgrade.  It will make you life infinitely easier.

Installing Windows 10

If you’ve done your prep work then it’s time to start the upgrade to Windows 10 which is pretty much a hurry up and wait process.  The whole thing will take roughly an hour and for the most part you’ll sit there doing nothing, but towards the end there are some things you need to take action on.  Below are some of the more important things to watch out for:

If you have skipped any of these steps or used Express Settings and want to change them, don’t worry.  Our next post will focus on making Windows 10 more secure.  There are a LOT of settings to go through so we will walk you through the MOST important ones.  These settings will deal with Privacy, Security, Ease of Use as well as some tweaks to make Windows 10 a bit more to your liking.

If you have questions or would like to share your own upgrade experience with us, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to share.