What a Long strange trip it’s been.

I haven’t posted in some time.  Sometimes life just happens, but during the time since my last post I had a chance to think about what brought me to where I am today.

Often times we will start something, like a business or career, without really grasping where it is taking us.  Our motivations are usually for reasons other than money.  We want to help people, make things easier for people, educate them, the list can go on.  But ultimately it leads to something that not only helps us live our lives but enriches them as well.  Yes there are failures, oops sorry “Challenges”, along the way but the experiences we gain from it are carried over as we continue our journey.

This is a post about you.  WHAT was your first business or career choice?  WHEN did you start it?  WHY did you start it?  And HOW did it turn out?  Share with the rest of the Class.  We’d love to know.